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At AssurExperts Latour & Associés Inc., we work with reputable insurers who rely on solid financial footing. For home or car insurance, you’re in good hands.

Your AssurExperts Latour Associés Inc. advisor will guide you and ensure that if you are eligible for any discounts, they will be included in your policy.

Do business with a professional firm

Insurance Latour was founded by Louis Latour in 1980. An insurance broker and financial services firm, Insurance Latour have been part of AssurExperts since 1995.

Since May 2002, Louis’ son Louis-Philippe has dedicated himself and his talent to the company, ushering in a new generation of professionals at AssurExperts Latour. In April 2009, Louis-Philippe Latour took over the helm as company owner.

Proud of its past and looking to the future, AssurExperts Latour is the best resource for property insurance, regardless of clients’ needs, thanks to close working relationships with numerous insurers and experienced staff.

Our company’s reputation is founded on professional service. We guarantee our clients’ security and safety. Give us a call- you’ll see the difference when you receive the service you’re entitled to. Contact us and see what we have to offer.

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