ATV, motorcycle, car and recreational vehicle insurance is mandatory in Quebec. We can make sure that your policy suits you and your budget.

Your AssurExperts Latour & Associés Inc. advisor can help you with existing policies- for recreational vehicles or ATV, motorcycle and car insurance. Remember to ask us about any available discounts that may apply if you combine your home insurance with that of your car or recreational vehicle.

RV Insurance : trailer and tent trailer

AssurExperts Latour Associés Inc. has an RV insurance plan for all trailer (Caravan) or tent trailer owners with competitive rates and significant benefits.

AssurExperts Latour & Associés Inc. specializes in RV insurance, offering products specifically adapted to owners of trailers and tent trailers.

Our plan includes: civil liability:

  • 2 M$ civil liability coverage
  • Coverage against all risks, with 100 $, 250 $ or 500$ deductibles
  • No deductible in case of theft, hit-and- run or major loss
  • Additional emergency fees
  • Debris removal
  • Exterior restoration
  • Up to 180 days’ travel outside Quebec per year
  • Replacement value 2 years AND undepreciated value 10 years
  • Endorsement for repatriation of towed vehicle.
  • Contents insured at replacement value against all risks
  • Many other benefits

Enjoy peace of mind with RV insurance from the specialists. Don’t wait- ask for a quote today!


AssurExperts Latour & Associés Inc. has a programme tailor-made for motorhome owners.

Planning a trip or activity? Don’t worry, we expect the unexpected. You can enjoy your trip without a care with the right insurance.

Exclusives :

  • 2 years’ replacement value
  • Vehicle storage credit
  • Credit for use in Mexico

Plus, at no extra charge :

  • Complimentary roadside assistance
  • Trip interruption and planning assistance

Fifth wheel trailer insurance

Relax and enjoy- we take care of everything. Breakdown, accident or theft…Insurance AssurExperts Latour & Associés Inc. has the complete solution for all fifth wheel owners.

The programme includes, among others:

  • 2 000 000$ civil liability coverage
  • Insurance of vehicle and contents against all risks, at replacement value
  • Undepreciated value for 10 years
  • No deductible in case of theft, hit and run or major loss
  • Discounts for FQCC members
  • 2 years’ replacement value
  • Repatriation expenses for fifth wheel in case of accident with towing vehicle

Park model travel trailers or stationary trailers

If you’re planning a stay in your trailer or caravan, we offer the following:

  • All risk protection
  • Accessory buildings (storage sheds)
  • Contents insured for all risks
  • Supplemental living expenses of $2,000$
  • Civil liability : 1 000 000 $
  • 200 $ or 500 deductible
  • No deductible in case of major loss
  • Replacement value on the trailer and contents
  • Exterior restoration coverage (slide outs, awnings)
  • Removal of debris in case of accident

Motorcycle insurance

At AssurExperts Latour & Associés, motorcycle insurance is another one of our specialties. We do business with a number of specialized insurers and brokers, so we can offer the best coverage at the best rates.

Our affordable, personalized coverage will reflect the make and model of your motorcycle and driving habits.

Home insurance

Whether you’re an owner, co- owner or tenant, your home is an asset that can be destroyed in minutes. Nobody is immune from disaster (fire, theft, vandalism, earthquake, flooding, etc.).

When it comes to home insurance, there are policy types for any budget. Make sure you get all the discounts you are entitled to, whether related to your occupation, age, status as a non-smoking household or the combining of your home and car insurance policies.

Do you have valuables that need insurance? Ask about special protection for lost or stolen valuables.

Our experts can help you find the best policy for your budget

We are also a brokerage office that provides life insurance, financial services and travel insurance.

Travel insurance

Planning a business trip or family vacation? Don’t let an unplanned incident spoil your trip. Protect yourself against financial consequences of illness, injury or death while travelling. Take advantage of our travel assistance services, available 24 /7. Your broker can offer a number of packages and coverage options.

Enjoy your travels and take it easy, with travel insurance from AssurExperts Latour & Associés Inc.

Personal insurance

We will meet your needs for life insurance or disability insurance and financial services. Our specialists offer the best products from financially stable companies to guarantee your peace of mind, whatever comes your way.

If you’re planning your retirement, our financial planners will conduct a thorough analysis of your current situation, create your investor profile and find the plans best suited to your needs.

Put your trust in the insurance and financial service experts.

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